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Expert SEO blog writing for your brand

I write fruitful content that aims to produce results for your health and wellness brandgreater visibility on search engines, more organic traffic, increases in lead growth, and turning blog readers into happy clients.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You know the blog statistics and that businesses with a blog strategy get more leads (126%)  and website visitors (55%). 
  • You’ve spent hours staring blankly at your computer, trying to write your own blogs when you could have spent that time growing your business.
  • You’ve linked up with writers on certain platforms you thought were dependable, but they ghosted you.
  • You’ve researched SEO, but it still confuses you.

About Me


I’m Gaby, a dietitian, health and wellness copywriter, freelance SEO writer, and mama. It has been eight years since I became a Registered Dietitian (RDN) and three years since getting paid for my very first article ever. I happily write and produce engaging content every day with a hot cup of Lady Grey tea by my side and a rather large red poodle at my feet. 


How I Can Help

SEO content writing services

SEO-driven web content,  blog content calendar, and blog writing. Expert-authored blogs that connect potential clients with your brand for engagement, trust building, and converting them to customers. 

Content projects

Print magazine articles, social media captions, e-books, documents, newsletters, and more.


Blog reviews to make certain the information is sound and truthful for your audience.

Media Interviews

Providing expert nutrition and health information to support your next article.


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Media Work

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